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i could use the advice of all you guys who know the 94 sc400.

i bought the car with 190k on it about a month ago,my wife and i needed a 2nd car

and we fell in love with this one.

im having some problems that are making me think i should get out now.

here is a list.

1.car idles fine but when you raise the rpms you feel vibration

2.there is a whirring noise at 40 to 70 mph coming from the rear

3.slight valve clatter when ever you hit the gas a little hard

4.banging noise from left rear when going over bumps

all of the above problems where not there when i got the car.

the vibration was not there,its come on more in the past two weeks.

the valve clatter was only when you floored it,now its even at half throttle.

do you think its time to bail out of this car,i dont have much cash to spend on it.


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