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Is This Normal?


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I own a 2000 RX300 with 65,000 miles, my question is about transmission operation. When I am going any speed and let off of the gas for a second (enough time for the RPM's to drop) and when I get on the gas again (sharply but not enough to down shift) there is a "padded jerk" the best way to describe it. I recently had the fluid changed, so that’s clean. The reason I am so concerned is because of the horror stories associated with the RX tranny. The warranty is coming close, is this something to have looked at?? Or is it normal??


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I believe it has always done this, as long as I have owned it since 50,000 miles, the original owner took very good care of it (all the scheduled maintenance at Lexus w/ documentation). I had the fluid changed at a Lexus dealer, they did a complete flush and refill, cost 230.00. I (without knowing any better) added ATF +3 when it was low, but the mechanic at Lexus scolded me and did the fluid change. The +3 was in there for about 300 miles or so, not too long to cause any damage I hope.

Thanks for your help


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