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If youre going to do a trans swap, you should be able to find the W58 and R154 pretty easily. If youre going to use the R154, look for old MKIII Supra Turbos. They are fairly plentiful in the US(more than where i live), and you will probably have to get a custom driveshaft made. Actually, you only need to have 20mm shaved off of it i believe. Its not as expensive as you might think(less than 200 for an aluminum replacement). If you do get the R154 then you need to get the bellhousing which can be sourced from someone doing a swap or buy it new from Toyota for 2-300. Also, you need the clutch setup since the R154 is a pull type and the W58 is push i believe. The clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder you should buy new and cost me around 150 for both from toyota. If you do the W58 then your best bet would be to find a wrecked car. MKIV supras also came with the W58 and again you would have to get a custom driveshaft unless you can find a MT SC300 driveshaft. Chances are if you can find the driveshaft then you should be able to find the trans it was attached to. The auto ECU will handle the missing trans also. Ive been running on an Auto ECU for the last five months with no problems

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No, havent done it in the states, but its all about the sheer numbers of manual transmissions that are in the states. On okinawa, auto is the way to go since its all city traffic. In america, you have the wide open roads to fly on. You can do the mk3 supra, or get a Soarer front cut. Cost will probably be the same in the long run

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