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Rx 300 Idling Problems


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I have a '01 rx 300 with 98k miles.when i first start the car it will start ok but will not idle and it will die. if i start it and rev the engine to about 2k rpm's for a about a minute it will then work ok.it will do this with the engine hot and cold and not all the time. i changed the spark plugs and air filter and put the obd 11 diag tool on it but no codes came up. any suggestions?

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I had similar problem at one point with my 2000 RX 300 model with 65,000 miles. I used some Techron additive about every 1000 miles and that took care of it. If Techron is too expensive for you, I had used Lucas fuel injector cleaner with good results also.

Currently I am doing Auto-Rx cleaning in my RX and has not had a problem in the last 2000 miles.

Hope this helps.

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I just had this problem resolved 3 weeks ago....the same problem started around 105,000 miles and was okay until about 120,000 miles...then revving the engine, etc. didn't work any more. I had to have the idler motor arm replaced. A few hours in the shop at the dealer, and about $300....all is a.o.k. now.

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