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Vehicle Skid Control (vsc)


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Hello - I have a 2000 ES300 Platinum Edition with 46,000 miles. The car has been terrific thus far...

Today while driving, the "VSC" light on the left side of the instrument cluster came on and the "VSC OFF" light came on near the right side of the instrument cluster.

The owner's manual mentions that this is not serious (i.e. it's OK to drive with this light on), but that the car should be taken to a dealer to see what's up.

Can anyone shed some light on what this is telling me?


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I've had this happen a few times on my '2000. Sometimes if you've had a small skid, the light will come on. Sometimes it will magically disappear after a short time. Also, if this happened after the gas tank was filled it could occur if the gas cap is not tightened so it clicks about 3 times. There may be other sources for this light being triggered and if it doesn't go away (sometimes after a bump in the road) take it to dealer or someone who can re-set it by taking off the code.

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