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Looking For A New Stereo,no Sub Box,small Amp(s)..


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Not too long ago I was out running a few errands when suddenly my stereo cut out and moments later I smelled ozone. So, I popped my trunk and a cloud of smoke rolled out. I pulled the fuse out of the block under the hood and noticed that the fuse did not burn (and it was the proper amperage fuse). Apparently, I had a short. This is the 2nd time i've had problems with the stock stereo, so I'm gutting it all and starting from scratch. I am looking at a couple of eclipse head units, however I am considering whatever I think sounds good, is quality and fitting to the interior. I want to use a free air sub, and use an amp that will properly drive the sub but at a mininal size because I do use my trunk space. Preferably, I would like an in dash disc changer (like an '04 Lincoln LS) or at least one that is unobtrusive. I also want to keep the speakers at stock size. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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