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Aftermarket Open Air Intake


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Dear LX enhusiasts:

Have anyone of u guys tried aftermarket intake/ free flow?

Im thinking to run free air flow without the air box, any suggests?

Advantage/ Disadvantage?

I know about the Safari Snorkel, but dont like the style, shape of it.

Check this out:


Any feedback please welcome,

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I think that something that allows more air through will likely allow more contaminants through as well. Better airflow is good, but is it worth the risk of allowing more dust/dirt through? I don't think so...but some take the risk.

The safari snorkel doesn't really allow much more air through -- it just raises the intake higher. I plan on getting one, but do not expect increases in performance -- just a lack of water in the intake if I take my 450 swimming :D

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Actually the Safari Snorkel wasnt bad, just the round thing that i dont like

by the way the snorkel cost $ 400.00 buck US Dollars back then.. and only this place in Australia sellin them but i think now u should be able get from sleeoffroad.

My question is when u click on the attachment above that i post ,U see n think will that piece will directly fit into the 450-air mass sensor?

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