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Rx300 Side Bumper Lights


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Hello I have a 99 RX300 well I just found out that the lens cover of the Side Bumper Lights lens was broken off and the bulb is exposed I would like to replace it and put a new lens on it , so I would like to know how to install a new one on it its on the driver side.

So if someone can tell me how to install this or direct me on this process it will be most APPRECIATED :D



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Easiest if you remove the wheel on the side of interest. Remove the OEM mud guard/splatter shield and then remove the screws holding the front of the rear bumper covering/facade, wraparound. Now there is only one bolt that is difficult to get at and it is mounted vertically head down just at the top of the front of the rear bumper wraparound. You'll need to lift/pull out on the wraparound and use a 10mm socket with about a 6 inch extension to remove it.

Now the only thing left holding things together is a plastic ball and socket about at the point where the wraparound begins the curve toward the rear bumper section.

Don't forget to be careful to reseat it when you start to put things back together.

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Okay I will try that this weekend since I have to do the brakes. but I will have too get a lens for it so I guess I have to go to the Lexus dealer to get it or order one if it don't cost a arm and a leg :( .... I will let you know how it worked

And Thanks for the information I really appreciate it WWEST you ROCK.... :D

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