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For Sale: 1997 LS400

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I'm helping my mother-in-law who is 94 sell her car as she no longer drives. I have read enough to know that there's no easy way to price a 1997 LS400 so I'm hoping to be guided by the good folks here in this forum, and I'd rather sell to one of you if possible.

Here are some details, and I have a bunch of pictures

The mileage is 78,500.  It's only had two owners -- both little old ladies didn't drive much, yes I know it's cliche-- and I even have the original title, but that is more of a keepsake than useful. The original owner was my mother-in-law's best friend, who then give it to my mother-in-law when she stopped driving.

Mechanically, everything seems to be there and to work fine unless I note it here. It has the original equipment like tire lock and CD shuffler and the original manual and all the tire stuff and all the lighters and ashtrays etc. I've noticed that while the key fob (we only have one) works for locking and unlocking, it no longer pops the trunk unless I'm doing it wrong. But of course the trunk pops fine from the button by the driver seat. It has a small indent on the front right bumper and I have a photo. The carpets need a good cleaning. I would say the leather interior is in good shape except for some wear on the driver's seat by which I mean one particular one inch scuff. It needs new tires. They have plenty of tread, but because the car has been driven so little, they've gotten old and I would replace them based on age alone. It still has the full size spare.
It is the LS400 coach edition.

Perhaps others can guide me as to what information would be helpful to share.

The car is in Henderson, NV, really close to Las Vegas.

Seeing it requires careful arranging since I don't live in Nevada but fly back and forth with my wife to see her mom.

I am open to a fair price.





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Can anyone tell me what an appropriate price would be for this car? I don't think Blue book is the right place to price a low mileage '97 LS400.

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Have u come up with a price on the car yet? My dad's down by Las Vegas and I'm curious about your car you have for sale

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If the car is available and you came up with a price let me know. The price on these cars are all over the place. Book value and what people are asking are 2 different worlds. Keep me posted if you come up with something. Appreciate it

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Hey Noah I am interested in the car. Im Going to make a couple calls today regarding your car. i.e the bank and my dad. I'll have some info 2day whether it's a possibility or not. I'll let you know ASAP. Thanks

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