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LS 460 Fsport (2017) noise

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My 2017 LS 460 Fsport with 60K miles makes a strange noise that the dealer mechanics say they cannot hear so they cannot find or search for to correct.

The noise is a higher pitch, not a squealing, rotational noise that occurs at 1100 to 1500 RPM and speeds of 15 to 35 MPH but may be happening at higher RPM/MPH but cannot be heard because of road noise. Noise does not happen when transmission is in neutral and motor is run at that RPM. Noise varies in pitch and volume when the transmission shifts and RPM changes.  When sitting in drivers seat cannot discern whether the noise is coming from front, back, left, right, etc.,it is just there. Noise is not very loud but very aggravating and diminishes the pleasure of driving the car. Noise does not always occur and is sometimes louder than at other times. 

Any input or help is much appreciated, extended warranty will expire this year and would like solution so as not to experience some future parts failure and breakdown that could be avoided by correction now.

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