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2007 RX400H Latest map update

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I am looking at updating my original dvd and was hoping someone could let me know the latest version which would work with my 2007 RX400H. I have seen disks are available but do not know the last version  would be compatible.

Thanks for any help.


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According to my Bing/Chat GPT search,.....


The latest navigation map DVD that would work to update a 2007 Lexus RX400h is the Navigation Map DVD Gen 5 u41 v 16.1. You can find this DVD on various online platforms like eBay1.

Please ensure that the DVD is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing. If you’re unsure, you might want to contact Lexus customer service or a Lexus dealership for confirmation.

Also, if you’re not familiar with how to replace the navigation DVD in your Lexus RX400h, it’s located on the right rear side of your vehicle, behind a panel in a triangular shaped area. There’s a small switch on the top left hand side of the DVD drive. Slide it to the left and it will eject the disk2.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when updating your navigation system to avoid any potential issues. If you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, consider seeking help from a professional.


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Thanks so much. Just out of curiosity, I noticed there were both single disc and dual disc (east/west). Both claim to fit my model, do you know if there is more detail on the two disc item and if so, where they split the map?

I did see a video and it looks pretty simple to change the disc.

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Bruce, since you are east of Missouri and Iowa, I would think that the Eastern DVD would be the correct one for you.
St. Louis is considered to be the gateway to the West.

However, I am not certain how Toyota/Lexus defined the East-West line.

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I would appreciate any comments. I need to update the navigation system as well in my 2011 ES 350 and wondering if the generation 5 referred to earlier is right for me too, or should I buy the East/West dual DVD for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance...


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