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2005 GX470 - Tried Flat Key and Now Car Won't Start

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I am a new member and this is my first post on this forum.聽 聽Hopefully I am posting in the correct place.聽 馃檪聽聽I decided to test my flat key after eighteen years and followed the owners manual instructions on how to use it with the transponder chip.聽 It did not work, so I tried multiple times.聽 I then tried the valet key and it didn't work.聽 My next and last step was to use my master key which was working fine.聽 That did not work.聽 I tried all three keys multiple times again.聽 It just clicks and the dashboard lights up as shown in the pic.聽 I can roll the windows up/down, lock the doors but it won't start.聽 Did I accidentally activate the engine immobilizer by using the transponder chip in the flat key case?聽 Any ideas what I can do?聽 聽

Dash Lights 2005 GX470).jpg

Flat Key2 2005 GX470.jpg

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15 hours ago, RX400h said:

Thank you Dave for your response.聽 I went through these steps:

1) The key is the correct key.聽 I tried all three keys - master, valet and flat key with chip transponder in the case

2) I tried this and it still just clicks when I try to start it.

3) I just had major repairs done the day prior, but everything worked fine until I tried the flat key with chip transponder.聽聽

4) The battery was recently replaced and it worked fine until I tested out the flat key to see if it would work.聽

5) I disconnected the negative terminal for 15 minutes, reconnected and it still just clicks when I try to start.聽聽

I believe this may be related to the flat key/chip transponder.聽 The moment I tried it and it did not work is when all keys stopped working.聽聽

It sounds like my next step is to have it towed to my Lexus tech where I had the repairs done and get this figured out.聽 聽 Thanks again for your advice and guidance.聽 聽

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