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Power Steering Pump Shot?


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^^what the topic says, there is a groan from under my hood no matter if the wheels are turned or not, BUT, it gets worse if i turn the wheels, especially while stopped or moving at speeds below ~8mph. there is no abnormal play or kick of the wheel, its smooth as it ever was, unlike with the old belt, which was slipping and making the wheel kick.

when the old belt was on, i put Belt Dressing on it every day for like 3 days in a row, is it possible that this dressing is still on the pulley now and with the new belt it will have to burn it off?

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BTW, what car is in your avatar?

I think it turned out to be his fluid level was low. Hopefully Army will chime in an give you the details. Nothing like an unresolved thread hanging in the breeze. He will fill you in.

the picture in the avator is a Viper.


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sorry about the unresolved thread steviej, i have been uber busy with school/work.

the fluid was low, but not just that, there was air in the lines. i turned off the car and opened the resivoir (after he added the fluid...which he did whilethe car was running) and unscrewed the cap about 3/4ths of the way...HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for about a minute. screwed the cap back on.

then i restarted the car, and the noise was stil there, but less prominent, so i unscrewed the cap again, this time while the car was running, and whaddya know, the noise is completely gone after 15 seconds of turening the wheel back and forth with the cap off the resivoir. hasnt been back since *knocks on wood*

and that avatar is a Twin Turbocharged Viper Venom 800TT. its a package add on from Hennessey Motorsports.

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