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Dirty Headlights


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I've done a search across all forums here for advice on cleaning dirty headlights and read some interesting advice. The most extreme came from ES forum for cleaning older model headlight lenses by placing headlight in oven to melt the glue that holds / seals together.

My problem: '99 RX 300 driver's side headlight appears internally dirty. I've cleaned with Meguiar's product externally with no results. I'm assuming it's internal. It doesn't look like condensation per se, but rather dirty buildup of some sort. Also, it's not "yellow" as I've seen posted by others, but just hazy-dirty looking.

Any suggestions? If internal, is there an easier way than placing headlight in oven and pulling apart? How did it get dirty in first place? Could I assume some sort of compromise in seal already? If external, is Meguiars plastic polish good? I've heard of some other product from Novus(?).


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Your headlights are actually an air pump. Headlamps on, air gets HOT, expands, partial evacuation of air volume occurs. Turn headlamps off, interior air volume cools, contracts, pulls more (dirty??, HUMID??) air into headlamp assembly.

FIX...new headlamps.

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