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Gs430 Winter Tires?


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I've got a GS430 and I just moved from Ft Lauderdale, FL to Denver, Colorado. I've never even seen snow before, let alone driven in it.

I currently have BridgeStone RE030 235/45ZR17 tires on my GS430. Does anyone know if these are ok for driving in snow and ice? Or do I need another type of tire? If so, any suggestions on what kind of tire I would need for winter driving or perhaps something all season???

Thanks for replies...

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If you decide to go with winter rubber in that exact size, your looking at pretty large costs ($200 per tire!) YOu might want to consider going for a 16" set of winter tires on steel wheels (size 225 55 16). The best choices are:

- Hankook Ice Bear W300

- Bridgestone Bllizzak WS-50 or LM-22 (althought not a fan of Bridgestones)

- Toyo Garit HT or Snowprox S950

In an all season application in the 235 45 17 size I'd suggest:

- Pirelli pzero nero M & S (as mr. courious suggests)

- Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

- Continental Extreme Contact

- Toyo Proxes 4

Good Luck! B)

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