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Transmission Shifting Hard Solved!


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Earlier this month I posted about my '94 ES300 transmission seeming to be shifting harder and harder over the last few months. Many responded with advice about getting the fluid flushed and such but I knew that wouldn't help because I change it every year anyway - the fluid never has time to get bad!

So I turned to my motor and transmission mounts. It turns out that the front motor mount by the oil filter was 100% totally non-functional. apparently it is filled with oil or liquid and recently it lost its charge, rendering it useless. In fact the technician who told me about this brought me out, power braked the car, and i could see my engine tip about 30 degrees in the engine bay!!! We replaced the motor mount as well as the upper dogbone mount (it was getting torn up from the stress) and now I am pleased to say that everything is perfect again. This car shifts better than it ever has. it is so smooth that this 106K mile tranny seriously feels like brand new again.

So, if you have a problem with your transmission feeling like it is clunking each time it shifts or if it feels like it slips a little from a dead stop, you should really check out this mount. a lot of the 'snap' this engine should give is lost when the engine rocks as it twists up from a dead stop. the repair was $240 installed at an independent shop and it completely cured me of my problems. I was afraid i was getting into internal transmission damage. Luckily i fixed it before it tore more stuff up than just the dogbone!


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No amount of broken engine mounts will ever cause a tranny to slip.

Glad you solved one problem.

What I meant was that before it felt like the transmission was slipping from a dead stop or any time you gave it some hard throttle. The rocking motion of the power train was causing this sensation. Now that the mounts are fixed, all symptoms and feelings i had previously have vanished. It never was literally slipping. it only gave a similar experience.


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Senior aged drivers and other unhurried drivers can go many hundreds of miles before the engine and tranny mounts wear out or before any suspension and steering linkage components and bushings wear out. That's because they don't make abrupt starts or sudden violent accelerations and don't speed around corners.

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