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Rx300 Alarm Problem


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Hello, forum,

Ever since this weekend, every 5-10 minutes the alarm on my '99 RX300 beeps as if I'm locking the car (single beep). I thought while I was doing housework this weekend that perhaps I was inadvertantly hitting the key in my pocket. But I heard it about 3 times this morning while getting ready for work (keys in my drawer). Has anyone ever seen/heard this? Is my battery dying? Is there a loose wire? Is my key going haywire?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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i have heard of a similar problem. in that case, if you pressed the lock button on the remote and lock the car, a few seconds later, it would lock again by itselfs.

disconnect the battery, press the brake lights and reconnect the battery see if it helps.

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My symptoms were that when I turn the car off and get out, in a few seconds (5-10), the alarm go off. Pressing the unlock button on the remote key stops it and I can them lock the car and set the alarm, but next time I start and stop the car, the same would happen. A quick disconnect of the battery did not fix it but a longer disconnect (over 5 minutes) seems to have fixed it. I also pressed the brake pedal while the battery was disconnected, for good measure.

So far, so good.

And by the way, it's a 10-mm nut holding the battery cable (saving you a trip back to the toolbox).

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