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How To: Change Transmission Fluid Through Radiator

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You could work on it without having to jack up the front end...I had mines up because I was doing an oil change.

Loosen clamp and remove the ATF hose from the drivers side of the radiator. Place a tube over the inlet to the radiator and place the other end into a bucket or jar to catch the old fluid coming out.

Picture of hose to look for (sitting in the drivers seat the hose will be on the left side of the radiator):


Picture of ATF radiator inlet:


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Now get into your car, or better yet, have someone else get in to start the car up for you while you monitor the fluid coming out into the jar. Once about 2 quarts or so comes out and into the jar, shut the car off then add fresh Toyotoa-T-IV fluid through the transmission dipstick tube (add the same amount that came out).

Repeat the above steps until the fluid that comes out is nice and pink, it only took me 7 quarts to achieve this. Attach the ATF hose back to the radiator and check your fluid level...slowly add a few ounces at a time until it sits right at the top of the cold mark on your dipstick (I found it easier to check the cold ATF level).

Remember that the vehicle must be on a flat level surface to check ATF levels. Slowly run your car (at a standstill) through all the gears (P to L) a few times before checking ATF levels.


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