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Instrument Cluster Lights


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Does anyone have information (possibly in a pdf file) for repairing the instrument cluster lights in a 1993 LS400. My display is completely black though the needles do sometimes light up (at random!) and the gas gauge and odometer come on when they feel like it. After visiting several junk yards in the Chicago area I realize that used ones are extremely hard to come by. I am on a very low budget. Please Help!!!

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You wondered if the instructions are useful for fixing the backlighting of the instrument panel.

The answer is a partial yes:

That is, Jim Walker, who provided the first part of the instructions (for removing the instrument panel) lists, in his instructions, his email and US Post address if you wish to also have the "flickering/random" display problem fixed on your Lexus. At least email him to see if he thinks he can help you. What he does is replace some components on the power suppy board for the display that go out of tolerance with age. This replacement that he performed for me fixed my flickering needles. It may also fix the backlighting; please ask Jim.

However, in addition to the "flickering/random" aspect of the needles, there is usually a secondary problem where the needle is completely or partially black and ALWAYS SO. In that case, the needle itself has gone bad. That is what the second part of the instructions addresses. It tells you how to paint the tip of the needle with fluorescent paint and mount a UV lamp to illuminate it to solve this second type of problem.

I hope Jim can help you - please contact him!

-Mike (motjebben)


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