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2007 GS450h Hybrid Battery Replacement

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Just got back from Lexus dealership and they are saying I need to replace my Hybrid battery soon.  Brand new from dealer is $6k. 

I'm looking for after market which range from $2k-$4k.  Any recommendations?  

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Hello as a fellow GS450H ran into this problem myself around the same time period and got quoted the same but was able to find a battery cell seller on ebay and bought 10 to start. The thing with hybrid batteries is that it’s not just one whole unit it’s around 36 individual battery cells all put into one case. I recommend checking each individual battery’s voltage and from there order as many as you need and a couple extra for the future but haven’t had any issue since then but I know the other cells will soon come. Each cell is around 40 dollars if I remember correctly and bought 10 of them myself so I saved a good chunk of money. Many youtube diy good luck!

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