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Figs -:- Ohlins -:- BBS -:- ISF Part Out


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  • Figs Front LCA (90 Duro) $250
  • Figs Race ver 2 Mega Arms $500
  • Figs Street Spec Toe Links $200
  • Figs Rear Sway Endlinks $135
  • Figs Front Sway Endlinks $125
  • Figs Rear Knuckle Lower Spherical Bearing (New) $170
  • F Sport Rear Sway Bar w/Whiteline Lateral Locks $180
  • JDM Spec Ohlins R&T BTO DFV HAL 16K-FR/12K-RR $2,500
  • BBS LM Diamond Black FR 19X9 +38 RR 19X10 +40 5X114.3 $4,000

Location: Orange, CA


Only selling locally unless you offer to pay shipping costs and fees associated.

Under 10k mileage, only driven in CA.

Prices negotiable as long as they make sense.

PM all questions or concerns. Please no inquiries in thread.

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