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'02 Es300 - Brief Stall At Highway Speeds


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My 2002 ES300 experiences a brief "stall" at highway speeds, say 65-75 MPH. It is a very sudden and brief (split second) stall and will occur every few minutes, but not in a consistent pattern. Interestingly, it does not occur when the cruise control is is operation.

Has anyone experienced this problem? It is becoming very annoying and embarrasing when others are riding with me. I have taken it in to the dealer 3 times and they can't duplicate the problem. It seems to occur after having driven the vehicle for at least 15 minutes, so perhaps the dealer isn't being as patient as they should during their test drives.

I am hoping someone can reference me to a TSB or other source that I can point out to the dealer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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you need to be driving the car when the service tech goes for the ride. What you say is a "hesitation" may be viewed as nothing by them.

Don't just let them take the car out without you. You need to be there to say...there there, that's it!

Kill two birds with one stone, have them hook up their scan equipment for the ride so that if it happens you can get fuel, spark, and other electronic data.


I haven't noticed anything like that, but then again I would have to ride with you when it happens so I would know exactly what you deem a "stall".

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