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Nav Region Question


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Got one question, when I was playing around with the Nav at the dealership you could go into it and pick all the differant states and to select one of them!! Now I assume you pick the state you will be living in, but say I wanted to go across the country----DO I have to go into the nav and pick that state that Im traveling through for the nav to keep working or does it do it by itself???

Also I have searches and searched, but what is the current Points of Interst of the new 3.1 (current) version? And is Lexus coming out with a new version this year? SInce Im getting my 330 ina day or so, I have V3.1 but will ask for the upgrade if needed.. Thanks

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You choose the state that your final destination is in. It will keep up by itself.

I dont know the exact number of POI, But I know that the upgrade usually comes out in Sept./Oct. They do charge for the update. I think its like $200.00.

I have seen posts here that say you can get it cheaper and install it yourself.

Good Luck with the RX.


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I've got the NAV package with my 2004, not sure what version it is. On mine I don't punch in a particular state, instead it's a region which might include a few states. Then I've only done this when I'm typing in a destination, not sure if I've had to do this when I was looking up POI's, but I may have.

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