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  1. You said you had it in daytime mode, so this might not be it. With mine with the headlights set to AUTO when I go through an area (in the early morning) with a lot of trees overhead or a bridge, etc. the headlights will come on and the screen will change colors. I had went in and changed the day and night colors for the display and the only way I know the headlights have turned on is that the display color will change. If that's what's happening to you then you can go into the setup and change the color to whatever you like.
  2. I've got the NAV package with my 2004, not sure what version it is. On mine I don't punch in a particular state, instead it's a region which might include a few states. Then I've only done this when I'm typing in a destination, not sure if I've had to do this when I was looking up POI's, but I may have.
  3. After you make your electrical connection inside the vehicle you'll see that you don't have much extra wiring to get to the rear of the vehicle. Since I bought an aftermarket hitch I might not have the same setup as you. I had to run the wiring along the outside of the hitch and zip tie it in place. I didn't really want to drill any holes in the hitch or my vehicle.
  4. The way I removed the trim plugs was take a small screwdriver and pry to get them started out and then grab on to them with my fingers and pull out. I was a little nervous on the first one but by the time I got around to the third or fourth one I was wasting no time getting them out. 70 degree water sounds great to me as long as the viz is decent. Dove in 38 degree water before and that's no fun. Cozumel was good but Grand Cayman is where I got spoiled. Most of my diving is in quarries upper 40's to mid 50's with 10' of viz on a good day hauling students around, so it doesn't take much fo
  5. The rubber plug that you run the wiring harness up through to get inside the car is probably about a couple of feet from the rear of the vehicle and maybe a foot from the side. You'll spot it pretty quick if you lay down under the vehicle and start looking in the general area I described. The electrical plug on the inside that you have to connect to is located under that driver's side, small cargo bin towards the front of it, I think it was located right on the wheel well towards the top of it. You can get a pretty good idea if you get the Lexus wiring harness, it has a replacement rubber b
  6. It's power but just doesn't have as many adjustments as the driver's side.
  7. To install the wiring harness I crawled underneath the back of the vehicle on the driver's side and found a rubber plug/boot (about 2" diameter) and removed it. Then I got into the rear cargo area and started removing those plastic storage bins in the back. They come out fairly easy by pulling the plastic push pins out. The only thing is they overlap and you'll end up taking out more of them than you would think is necessary. Also the small bin on the driver's side has to come out since the plug in is right underneath it. At first I thought I was going to have to remove the hinged cover t
  8. I finally broke down and called my dealer and they had the harness in stock, so I went ahead and got it. I have a 2004 AWD and found the connector on the driver's side underneath the side storage bin. trs23 from reading your post I was interpreting right side as passenger side so I thought I would write in case anyone else was looking at it like I was and save them some time.
  9. I've had my RX330 since late June '03 and I have the premium plus package, with the ML/NAV and mine has the storage bins that you are talking about. So I don't know what to tell you. They didn't change something when they started manufacturing in Canada did they? Could it be a mid model year change? I would be curious to find out and also if any other changes were made.
  10. Vigad, Go back and read my post again I said that I had 2 problems with the rear hatch and both of MINE were operator error. Both of them can be easily avoided if you know what to look for. I was trying to info others of what I discovered. I never said that this is what everyone's problem is, someone might actually have a defective part. I myself though would much rather check out something at my house than go to the dealer and raise a stink and find out it is something I was doing. I have had a few problems with my RX330 but there is no way I would compare it to a Chrysler. I guarantee
  11. I know there was a post awhile back about this but I never heard from anyone that had found a trailer wiring harness online. As a last resort I can go back to the dealer but would rather ($$$$) find one online and put it on myself.
  12. I've got 8000 miles on mine and I've noticed this twice and both times it was operator error. The first time I didn't hold the button down on the remote long enough and just as it was starting to open I had let off the button and hit it a second time and it stopped and wouldn't open or close until I opened it up manually and closed it to reset it. The second time one of my kids actually grabbed the manual handle in the back to open it and released it but didn't open the hatch up. So the next time I got in it and started down the road it was trying to close and the open hatch light was blink
  13. I have the Levinson stereo and I had a rattle in the speaker itself. It seemed to do it more when I had the stereo turned down some and it was a song with more vocals. I took it in and they "said" they replaced one of the speakers on the driver's side and it didn't help. The next time I took it over they reset all of my settings on the stereo, that peed me off I took it back and made the service manager get in the vehicle with me there and reproduced the rattle. They replaced the other driver's side speaker and I haven't heard it anymore. The one that was giving me problems was the one on
  14. I haven't noticed the whinning noise but I have heard the popping sound more like a clunk in my vehicle, towards the rear end. I notice it mostly when I get up around 50-60 and take my foot off the gas all at once.
  15. I thought I had read somewhere that they upgraded the software like every other year and it was in the fall when they did this. I would assume that the ES and RX would use the same software, so if the ES has a version 4.0 then you should be able to get an upgrade for the RX, I know mine is version 3.1 I had read somewhere that $300 was about the price for the upgrade. On the "I agree" and inputting destination info while moving, I have read a lot of posts of people wanting to do the same thing, I've read some posts from people that had ideas that they tried but I have NEVER read a post whe
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