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Protecting RX400h replacement catalytic converter

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Catalytic converter got stolen on RX400h.  Apparently it's a really easy target on these cars.  Got it replaced by insurance, but the deductible/cost of rental hurt, so looking for an affordable way to protect the new one.  Any ideas?  Has anyone done anything creative?

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Some independent repair shops sell and install cat converter shields. I would call a few to see if they might have a version to fit your Lexus or maybe an RX350.

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I'd really like some inexpensive ideas/options. What have people done that worked?

At only 87,000 miles but from 2007, I don't know how much longer this catalytic converter is good for anyhow. Any idea?


A few ideas I've come across:

  1. Some police departments, cities, and even shops are doing free or cheap etching. 
    I read somewhere in Oregon the Pep Boys was doing it for free. 
    I've seen a bunch of programs in other cities, but they're usually one-off. 
  2. This etching product looks relatively easy and affordable, but their website doesn't make it easy to buy. https://www.mastergard.com/catetch-labels 
  3. I think some stripes of bright paint would work (check out VHT Flameproof paints https://www.vhtpaint.com/high-heat/vht-flameproof-coating) You could stencil in your license plate or VIN or just do some bright stripes.
  4. People talk about the cages, wires, rebar, etc. but there are a bunch of more expensive options.
    My neighbor got theirs replaced and had a wire/metal bar system installed for $400. It has metal cables welded to the cat and the frame in multiple places and a lone metal bar also welded along the cat. Seems like it'll do the trick, but was $400
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So, after a trip to AutoZone and going to the shop (for something else)...

The tech was kind enough to spray almost the entire exhaust system bright red. 

However, he told me that the main part that is visible under the center of the car is a resonator, not a catalytic converter. Is that true? 

He said the RX400h has 2 catalytic converters, one at the very front of the car behind the radiator that would be really hard to steal and the other up behind the engine that would also be difficult to steal. So he told me there was no need to worry about the catalytic converter theft, but that the person who stole my neighbors was probably just dumb and stole the resonator. 

Will spray paint make it impossible to steal? No. Will it make it more likely that they steal someone else's? I hope so.


The part he says is the resonator. Is that really not a catalytic converter?



The front of the car:

Spray paint: RAPTOR Flat Red Flameproof High Temp Paint, but VHT has products and there are others.

Catalytic converter behind radiator.jpg

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On 2/27/2024 at 6:13 PM, care_mentor_288 said:

However, he told me that the main part that is visible under the center of the car is a resonator, not a catalytic converter. Is that true? 

So... maybe it's not a resonator? It's a 3rd catalytic converter.

Can someone confirm it's not a resonator, but a catalytic converter? 

So I guess I should protect it more.

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