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How To Input Radio Code?

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I own a 92 LS400. Yesterday I had my alternator replaced. Now, the radio screen says "SEC". I know what the code is, but just need information on how to input my code. I lost my owner's manuel so I had make a post here.

From what I remember from the owner's manuel, you had to hold 2-3 buttons for 4-5 seconds then input the code. I can't remember which buttons they were. I tried many combinations but nothing happend. The screen just says "SEC". Can any LS400 members take a look at their owner's manuel and tell me the procedure to input the correct code?

Thank you.

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KEY ON ACCESORY, RADIO ON. HOLD IN 1 BUTTON WHILE HOLDING UPPER END OF THE TUNE SEEK BUTTON. 3 UNDERLINES IN QUOTES WILL APPEAR AND THE TAPE OPERATION INDICAtor will appear.use 1 2 and 3 buttons to input the code.hold scan button in after code input until sec appaers then disappaers it should be working again.

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