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I Feel Like An Idiot Asking This...

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After looking at a few post the other day about changing headlight globes, I've gone with some of those brilliant white ones with the blue on the outside. But after removing the light from the casing, how do I actually get if off (separate the globe from the wires)?


- Gav

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on my 98 lexus i remove the rubber cover, then there is a wire-like locking mechanism. after you unlock the bulb, the bulb can be pulled out and the wires are attached to it. simply pull the wires off of the bulb's plugs. make sure you dont' touch the glass portion of the bulbs.

this is for the 98 lexus, i'm not sure what the other ones look like, but this was the same for my 2000 volvo s40, so i'm guessing it's pretty standard for all vehicles.

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Yep, I got it sorted :)

The reason I was having so much trouble? The dude from Auto barn sold me the wron globes! Lol, the fittings on the es300 actually disconnect abt 2 cm beloe where the bulb I had bought do...

And here's me wondering why the hell I couldn't pull it off. lol, lucky I didnt break anything.

Back to square one. To buy the right globes. I spoke to lexus, who couldn't help with blue globes, (and I didn't have a pen) but he said I was looking for HB3's. Is that right?

- Gav

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