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Squeaking Noises During Engine Start-up


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Timing belt wouldn't be the thing to slip here, as if it did you'd have *way* bigger problems than an annoying squeal. ;) Take a peek at the one-piece serpentine belt that connects all of your accessories, and see what sort of shape it is in (cracks, etc.). If it looking pretty bad, maybe the rubber has just gotten old and it is time to replace the belt. One open end wrench (I forget the size), a new belt, and five minutes, and you would be good to go.

The other option would be a bad tensioner (less likely). If you grab the belt between two pulleys, you shouldn't be able to move that belt up and down any more than an inch or so. Perhaps your belt tensioner, located just to the passenger side of where the upper radiator hose connects, needs to be replaced.

Alternatively, I suppose that you could spray some of that anti-squeal stuff (that is sold in the auto parts stores) on the belt, but that has always striken me as more of a bad band-aid.

Good luck!

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The squeak would go away after engine start-up though.

I read somewhere that this might even be connected to suspension, and the air suspension is very expensive (~$800) i.e. suspension being initialized during start-up tests.

That's why i'm worried.

I'd check the belts and let y'all know what I find.

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I had the same problem with squeaking when I start the car especially during the rainy day. I'm pretty sure that the problem is with serpentine belt since it is old and getting cracked. I need to replace it and see if that noise goes away. The noise doesn't come always but only during rainy day.

Any suggestions on "how to change" serpentine belt? It looks like there is no room to replace this belt.



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