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Ecu Reset/01 Gs430

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Fuse or battery, no need for both. I don't know the exact required time but I ususally do it for 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer. I'm either doing something else on the car or I go inside and do other things and come back later for it.

The ECU learns your dirving style and adjusts to it. This just resets it to factory. You will notice the car respond quicker but eventually with a lot of stop and go and normal driving, the car will not be as "good". Then, it is time for another reset. :)

Pulling the battery, you lose more settings. I remember that the clock, radio presets, seat/side mirror position memory are affected. (There may be something else I'm forgetting.) You may not lose the position memory if the ECU is pulled (vs. the battery).

The fuse, I believe is the ECU-B that is in the passenger-side fuse box in the engine bay.

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