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Power Tilt Steering Wheel


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I have a 1995 SC300. The power tilt wheel goes in and out but does not go up or down. I assume that a motor needs to be replaced. Does anyone know how to dissaemble the steering column to access these motors? Does the steering wheel/airbad need to be removed? Are these motors available?

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Bscandalous Writes:

"Take off the steering cover.2 screws on the top,and 1 by the steering

wheel. The motor is on the left.Unscrew the 3 screws that cover the

gear. there is blue plastic gear wheel in there.If is's off ,take 2 washers

,place one in front of the gear and one behind it and that should do

it.I found the washer at lowes for about 30 cents.Lexus wanted $800 for a

new motor.Good luck."


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