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Sc300 Lsd

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TRD Limited Slip Differential for 1993-98 Supra TT Auto & All Supra N/A

ITEM # TR 41301-JS401

Upgrade your LSD with this piece from TRD.

Does not include carrier bearings, those may be purchased seperately for about $40 each.

MSRP $875.00 Your Price $805.00


Limited Slip Diffy

Hey that's a little expensive eh? Here are the options - this unit from MVP or direct from TRD - or find it used. :(

This is my next piece - I just need to find one in good shape at a better price than that.

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*clears throat*

Oh yea - the w58 5speed will work with the supra TT automatic lsd as a direct pumpkin swap. The 6 speed tt diffy is gonna be a whole lot more difficult, unless of course, you have the getrag and shafts as well to slap up in that !Removed!. Benefits - 5 speed w/ tt auto lsd, less sacrifice on acceleration (though a little) and the pluses of lsd ness out of the hole, turning, hot dogging - etc.

Drawbacks - less top end and a slaughtered 5speed tranny if your clutch lasts that long. :( :(

Solution $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :magic:

Or generally not hot doggin and running like a bat out of hell from the digs.

Man - that's a tough one. :wacko:

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