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93 Ls400 Tune Up And Timing Belt


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Hi Guys,

I still have the Oxygen Sensor replacement pending.

I got 93 LS when it had 65K more than a year ago. Now it has 105K. Do I need to worry about changing timing belt? Also, it looks like it needs tune up. Is it possible just to change spark plugs and wire harness without going to worshop? I do not have any previous experience for doing tune up.

Oh yeah, one more thing :wacko:, When I try to put gas around 40~60 MPH suddenly, there is a burst of viration coming (feels like driving on a shoulder for a second). I have Lexus dealership looked at it but they could find anything wrong. I was wondering if this is a serious issue and needs to be taken care off and if any of you guys had similar problem.



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The vibration you feel could be the infamous LS 400 transmission shudder which occurs on some downshifts.

My 93 LS 400 had this problem until I had the transmission serviced. When new fluid was added, the shudder stopped. That was about two years ago, and it has never returned.

The fluid used should be Toyota ATF Type-IV. A pan drain and refill takes about 2 quarts.

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This is an easy do-it-yourself project. The transmission has a drain plug just like the oil pan.

The transmission holds a bit over 8 quarts of fluid; however, about 2 quarts will drain when you remove the drain plug. Replace this through the transmission fluid filler tube where the dip stick is located. Check the fluid level when you are finished.

Get the fluid at a Toyota dealer. I believe it is about $3-4 per quart.

There is some controversy about the wisdom of doing a complete flush and fill on older Lexus models. Many folks contend that this is asking for trouble from deteriorated seals.

I would recommend the simple pan drain and refill. This was all it took to stop my car from shuddering. I have never had the complete flush done.

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How do I replace dipstick filler tube its missing I see part of it but the part coming all the way up is gone

The filler tube is comprised of two sections. If you are missing the upper section, you will need to procure another one and slip it into the bottom section. The top tube has a bracket that bolts to the back of the left cylinder head to hold it in place.

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