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Blowin Fuzes


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:censored: I've been driving this car for a month and all of the sudden it died. Its blowing a 30 amp EFI fuse under the hood. I unplugged the #2 cam shaft position sensor and it stopped blowing fuses and with much to my surprise runs without, but does throw off the check engine light. Runs great doesnt miss a beat. Switched the main computer and camshaft sensor. Ran fine for 2 miles and died again blowing the same fuse. Unplugged the new cam position sensor and it runs fine again without poppin fuses. Its driving me crazy. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing with this car??? Even without the sensor its still fun to drive. :D
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even without the cam sensor there is a crank sensor so im guessing that it can do fine with just that. well if your cam sensor is blowing fuses then thats probably at fault so have it checked out and replace it if thats the cause

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