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Clear Corner Lenses

DB S600

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Does anyone know where I can find clear corner lenses for my 2004 Lexus LX470? After an endless search of the internet, I continue to come up empty handed. When purchasing clear "euro" corners for my two other vehicles (94 MB S500 / 00 LR RR HSE), it seemed to be a much easier find. Note that I am looking for OEM Lexus / Toyota parts, not aftermarket manufacturer items.


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If u are serious about gettin LX450 /LX470 Front,Corner & Rear Tailights i can get them thru overseas.

Theres 2 different clear lens: Regular clear clens and Crystal clear clens

Most of crystal lens found on newer cars.

I was going to sell & try to posted on the EBAY but since the LC/LX entusiasts not much compare other cars , so i decided not to..

Bcoz cost of purchasing/wire transfer and custom clearance sometimes very hard

and costly.

Like i have LX450 all i got around is Crystal Clear Lens (like the new RX330 tailight

im pretty sure im the only one LX450 which has clear lights all total thru the back.

But by having clear lens all around your car is illegal. The only thing that u can trick the COPS is change the dark red bulbs for the rear so from far away looks like not all clear white.

I wish i can show and post some sample LX450 & LX470 clear crystal lens ~

( Corner, Front & tailights) but since the Lexusownersclub.com administration wont allowed me to post the pics so i cant.


Pro LX450 & LX470

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