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Gs400 18" Rim - Scraping Problem?

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I recently purchased a 1998 GS400 and put 18" rims on it. The rims are factory Lexus optional wheels from Japan (VPAC - vacuum pressure and casting). They state that they are made for the LS/GS series. The measurements on the rims are 18" X 9" with 45mm offset with a tire size of 245/40/18. When I had them mounted, the tire shop told me that there was barely any room between the inner lip of the rim and the metal bar that extends up from the lugs. They were worried about the inner part of the rim rubbing against this bar. I have not noticed any rubbing noises or vibrations as I am driving, but I wanted to ask if anyone knew if this could become a potential problem. If this does become a problem, is there any way to move the rim away from the inner part of the wheel (I have read about spacers in other posts) so it does not scrape? Thanks so much.

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I had a similar problem with my 17s after i put on an l-tuned susp.Mine actually rubbed very lightly. It only rubbed on a lift though on the ground there was plenty of clearance.I had mine aligned 3 times at 3 places and none of them could get it right so i sucked it up and took it to the dealer in a couple of hours she was as good as new.

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