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Noisy Upper Strut Mounts & Canada Vs Us Dealers


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2001 IS 300 100,000 KM

Noisy Dash, Clicking Upper Strut Mounts.

Wondering if anyone else has a set of noisy Upper Strut mounts ?

Took my IS into the dealer for noises in the dash. Turns out the Service Manager thinks it's the Upper Strut mounts. Warrenty's up so I have to get them repaired out of pocket.

Wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem ? It's getting to the point that I'm thinking about selling it and switching brands. What a hassle.

"Did you know that some American Lexus Dealers won't work on Canadian Cars", and vise versa. I live in Canada, work in the U.S. closest dealer 10 mins. However since my Cars Canadian they won't touch it.

That sucks.. Lexus sould stand behind there product better than that. Especially when cross border travel is in your future.

Domestic cars you can take anywhere, and get service done.. Why is Lexus such a stickler ?

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