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  1. The Car Connection Spy shots... Is a V-8 finally coming to the baby Lexus? http://www.thecarconnection.com/Enthusiast...S178.A8755.html Lates, Coester...
  2. Ladies & Gents. I have a 2001 IS.. 140,000 KM's... or 90,000 miles. Question for all is: I'm getting a noise from somewhere in the front suspension, like a clicking when the suspension is working (Up & down or cross car torsion) Noise goes away when the weather gets hot. (I live in canada, so it's 6 months of warmth) Has anyone had a front suspension clicking noise\problem ? Would the suspension make such a noise ? Also wondering what sensors should be replaced at this time & mileage ? Hoping to get a heads up... Thanks in advance. MC "Smoke'em if you Got'em
  3. Try www.thecarconnection.com Daily Edition: Mar. 1, 2005 "Next Lexus IS Appears in Geneva" Today, Lexus will unveil the next-generation IS sedan, complete with its very first diesel engine. Until now, in Europe's highly competitive business segment a manufacturer has to offer a diesel variant, so the aluminum common-rail 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel is of great importance for Lexus and its efforts on the Continent. With a power output of 177 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, the Lexus IS diesel will offer the highest performance in its class. The IS will also be available with a 204-hp V-6 gas engine with direct injection. Both engines will be teamed to a six-speed gearbox, whereas the V-6 will also be offered with a sequential six-speed automatic transmission. The new Lexus IS is the second model with the so-called L-Finesse design. The car will be equipped with PCS (Pre-Crash Safety System), ACC active cruise control, intelligent active cornering lights, ten airbags including knee airbags, and the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management stability system. The 2006 IS will hit the markets by the end of this year. -Henny Hemmes
  4. Thanks, I was trying to post in the problems area, but hey, this will work.. Dash rattle can't be found. Dealer tried, & had no luck nor did I.. The car has had regular maintenance. More than normal fluid changes. The transmission, has had 2 fluid changes, sounds of squeeking come to mind when driving hard & the trans shifts. Clean screen, good fluid, no metal (Looking into a rebuild, Lexus told me that there trans don't wear out, but it doesn't explain mine.) Doesn't like shifts from 2-3 gear. No offence, but the lexus dealer that (was) close to me, (I've moved )I wouldn't send my enemy to. When (Fixing the dash problem, I recieved the car back with a loose center console, and a broken CD changer, all of which they accept no responsibiltiy for because I was over my warrenty) I fixed the console myself after ordering fasteners to screw it back together.(After speaking with lexus about this they agreed to fix my Cd changer, but I would have to go with out for 3-4 weeks, for me this isn't an option) Not sure if anyone knows that, Lexus warrenty is only good in your country, Lexus dealer in the US won't work on my car. (Live in Canada & work in US) Now that I have all that off my back... I still enjoy my car, rear wheel drive simply can't be beat. Lates,
  5. 2001 Canadian IS 300 E-shift (Silver) 125,000KMS 2nd owner, Owned it for 1 year. Mods, Joez Intake tube, TRD filter, Horn Relocation for Air flow. XM Radio Dealer's not too good at fixing problems. Now I do most work myself Problems, Keep in mind I do Drive this car !!! (DRIVEN Daily) CD player crapped out, (Dealer tried to fix, but didn't, so E-bay for another) Dash Rattle (Dealer tried to Fix, didn't succeed) Front Struts are going, (Noisy) Trans is on the go. (Gotta get it rebuilt soon)(That's gonna cost me) Skippy...
  6. Just wondering if someone could point me in the correct Re & Re of the fog lights. Do I remove the inner fender well & go from there ? Or go in from the bottom ? Thanks in Advance MC
  7. I was wondering if any accessories actually help the IS ? Do any of the spoilers, front air dams/Faschia's actually help my car Aerodynamically ? If I add something to my car I would like an improvement. (As I've been reading about some of those large mouth honda fachia's.. They actually do more harm that good.) Wondering if anyone know's about the wind drag of this car ? I do alot of driving. Is it better to run in draft, of another vehicle, or run in clean air (Lead car) Thanks in advance..
  8. Could anyone tell me the estimated life for the Automatic transmission for the IS ? My 2001 IS has 60,000miles on it and the transmission is starting to act a little quirky.. Strange shifting patterns, hard upshifts.. Anyone else ? Also, I have a torsion noise, dealer told me it was a upper strut mounts.. Anyone else have any noise's ?? Thanks in Advance..
  9. 2001 IS 300 100,000 KM Noisy Dash, Clicking Upper Strut Mounts. Wondering if anyone else has a set of noisy Upper Strut mounts ? Took my IS into the dealer for noises in the dash. Turns out the Service Manager thinks it's the Upper Strut mounts. Warrenty's up so I have to get them repaired out of pocket. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem ? It's getting to the point that I'm thinking about selling it and switching brands. What a hassle. "Did you know that some American Lexus Dealers won't work on Canadian Cars", and vise versa. I live in Canada, work in the U.S. closest dealer 10 mins. However since my Cars Canadian they won't touch it. That sucks.. Lexus sould stand behind there product better than that. Especially when cross border travel is in your future. Domestic cars you can take anywhere, and get service done.. Why is Lexus such a stickler ?
  10. Wondering if anyone has put their IS on Air ? Bags or Struts ? Thanks Skippy 911
  11. Wondering if anyone has done a Header swap on their IS ? I was thinking of swaping out my stock headers for something a little less restrictive. It looks relatively easy, but are there other mods I'd have to do ? O2 sensor ? I've heard that the power gains are better than a cat-back exhaust. Thanks Skippy...
  12. Just wondering if anyone has come across a bad underdash noise.. Sounds like a bracket or part is loose.. Makes the noise under body flex.. (Cornering, Uneven roads & bumps.) Tried tightening up the Braket that holds the IP, but everthing was tight that I could get a socket on.. Any suggestions ?? Thanks in advance Mark
  13. I have the same type of problem with my IS.. When cold & traveling on a bumpy road, my dash makes some clicking horrible noises.. (It's not vents) Did you manage to see how big of a job it was to tighten up the bracket ?? Did they remove the dash or is it possible to do from underneath ? It's not covered under my lasting warranty coverage. Thanks...
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