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Washed Engine Now NO POWER, Runs rich, stinks


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Hello y'all,

Appreciate y'all's  help with this. My 1993 LS400 has 161,000 miles. It was running perfectly. after a 3 hour trip, I stopped to wash the car at a Spray N Wash. They made me purchase 10 minutes. So, I thought I would wash the engine. I washed it. Bad result. No power ever since. That was 2 weeks ago. Since, I have changed the spark plugs, not finding any water. The new plugs made no difference. Still no power and running rich and smells really bad. No Check engine light. So no codes. The wires and the coils are original as far as I know. I love this car and have changed or fixed many issues. Would really like to fix it and keep it.


Thanks y'all,


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