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Engine Starves Of Gasoline When Gas Tank Is Low...

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Hello Everyone,

I am having a bit of a problem with my ES. Whenever my tank gets down fairly low (below quarter of a tank), my engine is easily starved of gasoline. It is especially noticable if you do a really quick acceleration; the car starts to speed up as it revs, then the RPMs go to like zero, and then it jumps back up in RPMs again, thus giving a big jerk. If the tank is a little bit below 1/4, it will even do this hesititation while driving in town. Once it was so bad that I could take off from a stop sign without squaking the tires (and I was trying to accelerate Grandma style!)

Anyways, if the tank is above 1/4 then there is no problem. Do you know what is causing this? Would it have anything to do with my fuel filter? I have owned the car from 132000kms to 207000kms and have never changed the fuel filter . . . how often must the fuel filter be changed?

Thanks for the help!


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