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  2. i acctually have a 03 is 300 as well and i've heard this same thing. I recently did a brake job and looked over the suspension a bit and found no issues but i still hear the noise. It's not real loud or anything but definetly worries me. I work alot and haven't had time to take it into the shop but i will be soon. On a side note ... anyone figured out why we have a 0-80 mile per gallon gauge on our instrument cluster? damn car comes from factory with 18mpg 24 mpg on highway lol. Sorry i couldn't help you more but yah im having same wierd issue.
  3. rockin. on a side note, thats not you on your image is it. Cuz im afraid of big green men that wear purple cutoffs :P
  4. thats all lextasy has to offer. the aluminum one is similar to the one i have. Think its stock on the lexus is300 but yah its all scratched up... the carbon fiber one there is an example of the "universal" they are made really cheap. you can always check out or as well they offer some decent items as well. I don't know for shift knobs but they do have a decent selection of items for lexus.
  5. if your looking for an illuminated shift knob just go up to autozone or the closest auto part store. (o rieleys and autozone are usually the big ones for that one size fits all stuff) but personally i think they just look to cheap to go in a IS. I too have a scratched up metal plain knob i been needing to replace (cuz it loox icky around all my nice interior :P) I know if you go to any toyota dealership or lexus dealership tho they sell the oem ones along with some aftermarket ones. Again you have to deal with dealership prices... but its a shift knob, wont be that expensive, and they look
  6. lol figured. I even asked dealer about it when i bought car.. he told me its lexus it can get 80mpg. I said your full of *BLEEP* give me the keys.
  7. well loox amazing. I always try to stay away from paint. Usually comes out lookin bad.. but those are amazing looking. Ill definetly look into possibly doing that tho. If all else fails i can ordered painted calipers i spose and put some lexus logos on em :P i appreciate the info. And again nice ride. also but completely off topic, im from granbury texas, just stuck in vaginia cuz of the airforce. so /highfive for being a texan :P Have fun
  8. i have the 03 lexus is 300 . stick shift 5 speed mein exhaust and a k&n intake setup. I get ruffly 18 -22 mpg. not great but its a quick ride and sexxy. On a side note... anyone here tell me why in the middle of my speedometer i got a mpg gauge that goes from 0-80? is 80 ever really possible even in a hybrid lol or am i just dumb and the mpg stands for somthing completely differnt?
  9. flop ya gotta tell me ive been lookin the net far and wide. I recently got some nice lookin cross drilled rotors... on my is 300 03 model. But my calipers look icky. Ya know the flat grey meh. Anyways those lexus calipers did they come stock on the l-tuned models or where you get them. I saw them on someone elses car on the net and i cant seem to find anyone that sells those particular calipers. The red with the white lexus logo is beautiful. I must have :P. I'd appreciate any info man. Oand the car looks great man. Suprised they did such a nice job on it after nearly totaling the car.
  10. just wanted to put my 2 cents on the subject. I ordered a set of 4 rotors.. the cross drilled ones mentioned. Had no issues. arrived within a week the only thing i didn't like about the subject was there was a $55.00 shipping charge on anything shipped from y'all. Seems kinda silly. I almost ordered some rotora rotors which were gonna cost me a bit more but they offered free shipping and handling so was only gonna cost me round a 100 dollars more for the name brands. Most other companys i ran into were more pricey, but at the same time i would be ordering brembo or rotora. Big name brand
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