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  1. Ok the time has come to buy some new rims and tires and I am having trouble selecting a tire size for the rims I have picked out. I want to run Advan RS-D Wheel 18x7.5 / 5 x 114.3 / Offset +48 in front and then Advan RS-D Wheel 18x8.5 / 5 x 114.3 / Offset +51 in the rear. I have a Tein Basic coilover setup with a 1.5 inch drop all around. I would like to purchase Toyo Proxes R1R tires but Im not sure what size to get. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. So today I had a warning light come on on my dash it looks like an oval with a flat side and some lines going towards the flat side with arrows pointing up and down like on this page: GAUGES, METERS AND SERVICE REMINDER INDICATORS Figure (N) in the service manual It says to take my car to a Lexus dealer. Does anyone know what this light means exactly? I am a servicemember currently stationed overseas and cant exactly just take the car to a Lexus dealer, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot!
  3. I would say 10k. Are you just getting bulbs or a whole hid conversion kit? Halos?
  4. Are we missing something...?
  5. Enkei EKM3 18x 7.5 38mm General Exclaim UHP 215/40-18 Stock suspension
  6. honestlyman i totally forgot that youwent through the same situation. I was actually reading through it today and felt kinda dumb... my bad guys for wasting space. :P
  7. I wanna get an in dash video, nav, cd, and ipod unit for my pride and joy. I am having alot of trouble finding one that will fit the IS dash setup... does anyone have one in there car, and if so what type and any good advice? Thanks alot for helping me make this car even better.
  8. I am having a lot of trouble finding those rings. I found them for BMW and some other makes but not for the IS. Any extra direction?
  9. Awesome... so these rings should make it so that the bar will fit? I would hate for it to not ever work
  10. I love the afterburners... I have the black models with the prizma lip and they look amazing on the car. The Snetterton wheel is a good choice also...
  11. Where can i pick up some "upper strutmount reinforcement rings"? My bar didnt come with any so i am a little lost...
  12. I recently purchased a Greddy strut tower bar for my IS and when i put it on the bar was actually contacting the intake manifold. I tried just loosening the nuts on the strut bolts but any more and they will just come off. I even bought some rubber spacers to see if i could create a little room and it helped a little but when going over bumps it happens again. If i leave it in contact i get a horrible vibration noise, and feeling in the peddles and steering wheel. The part is made for the car, i didnt get the wrong one so i am totally confused as to what i need to do. Has anyone put one of these on and if so give me some pointers on how to fix this? Thanks
  13. I personally have the Hawk HPS pads on my 04 IS and love them. Very little brake dust and great stopping power especially with my slotted rotors and stainless steel brake lines. A little more brake noise but not a squeaking...but hey i like to hear my car talk to me :D. But the EBC pads are pretty nice as well, the only thing seperating them at the time of purchase was the price.
  14. Looking for a good place to get my hands on a jdm altezza grill, among other jdm goodies. Does anyone know where i can locate items such as this?
  15. Ill have to try that. I dont know if they are going to file a report though unless its $1500 dollars worth of damage or more. But ill try...