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  1. 2004, 2 (3 if you count original dealer), Gifted from Parents after they put 84k miles on it, Service: All of service to the point that we received it was at original Lexus dealer, and i don't yet have the records. Since we've had it 18 months: $1800 for rear brakes, alignment, timing belt replacement, fuel system flush, brake flush, oil flush, transmission flush, and i'm leaving some stuff off, but can't find my reciept at the moment. --all done from local Toyota dealer.
  2. 2004 GX 470 has a droning/moaning sound going on. At roll, i can notice a slight "teht teht teht". At 35 mph the drone gets noticeable, sounding like a twin-props are propelling the vehicle. Making a right turn ( at > 30 mph) makes the noise go away. Left turns do not affect it. I believe it is a wheel bearing, which Toyota dealer agreed with. Toyota serviceman drove it and said it sounds like a wheel bearing, but there is also a slight leak from the shift actuator. He wanted me to take to Lexus because Toyota folks don't mess with this cars transfer assembly. SO, because the noise is present with or without the gears engaged (in neutral) while travelling > 30 mph and the fact that it goes away with right hand banking, convinces me of the wheel bearing. The leak I have attributed to the TSIB about the O-Ring, and I will deal with that later. Long story short, the bearing is about $150 American, and I am asking if anyone has experience or advice in a DIY wheel bearing replacement on this model vehicle. I would take it for service, but with an uncertain economy and a child on the way, I can't afford to tack on another $1500 to overhaul the TS and another $700 to replace a bearing. I know that these are sealed bearings and do not require packing. I just have never performed this feat. Lots of kudos are yours to be had if you can help.