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  1. JL audio makes a 10" marine sub suitable for freeair/infinite baffle use. Its power requirements are not that steep at arount 150w. If the shops you went to are any good they should be willing to put one in. http://marine.jlaudio.com/products_subs_pages.php?page_id=7
  2. get a voltmeter and probe the wires for 12v with the key in off position and again when the car is on. I bought a metra kit for my 99 sc300 and none of the wires matched either.
  3. Recently purchased a 99 SC300 and wasted no time getting started with a stereo install. Thanks to RSTSpeed for his disassembly walkthrough as I probably would have broken a bunch of panels trying to muscle them off. I didn't take pictures during the beginning of the install, so sorry for that. Did a run of 4awg power wire across the engine bay and through the passengers side firewall. Also ran six channel monster RCA's under the center console. I started up front with a Pioneer AVIC F700BT. This was pretty straight forward and the Metra dash kit fit fine with a slight gap near the ashtray. I used a voltmeter to find my constant and accessory and tapped into those. As for the power antenna, I poked around with 12v source and found the correct wire to make that work. It was the plug with very small connectors and only three wires. I did not have to splice two wires together to make it work either. I also installed a HD Radio unit behind the glovebox. I got a RCA y-cable and gm mini adapter to utilize both antenna plugs that the car has. Here are some pics of the rear deck with just the 6 1/2" speakers. Used the stock adapter as a pattern for these and bolted to the rear deck with existing holes. Used JL Audio XR650-CXi Coaxials for back here. Front door with some minor sound deadening. I didn't go crazy with this stuff as I am only pushing 75w per channel to the doors. I ran two pair of 16awg Monster twisted pair through the boot and along each side of the car and through the grommets on each side of the rear seat. I bought some adapters for 6 1/2's on eBay which turned out to be too deep for the door panel to fit back on. I had a setback due to some used/blown door speakers and haven't gotten any farther than this for now. New JL Audio XR650-CSi 2-Way Components will be here in a couple days. I will post some more pics of the engine bay, completed sub enclosure, and amp rack later on today.
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