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  1. Hi...I am looking for 4 TPSM for a 2006 Lexus GS300 17" OEM Rim. Any sellers out there? Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys..I truly appreciate it!
  3. Hello folks... Glad to be a Lexus owner again! I purchased my first Lexus GS300 back in 1999 (used 1995 model)..had it for a few years and sold it. Fast forward 10 years later and many many cars later (99 Saab 93, 01 Ford Escort, 01 BMW 328i and 04 Acura TL) i pulled the trigger last night and picked up a 2006 GS300 w/13k miles on it. I must say this car is truly amazing...and such a substantial difference from my last GS300 I had. Only bummer is it seems a bit smaller....but hey it looks fantastic! Alright now that's out of the way....I wanted to reach out to the folks on the forum on a few things. 1. The rims on this car are from a older 2002 GS (16" with Conti tires), I want to replace these with 17" OEM rim's and tires..so if anyone is selling theirs, please let me know :)..currently I have a amber light and a red exclamation mark on the dash...I don't think these rims have the TPSM (tire pressure) installed. 2. Rattling and creaking - I've read this is a persistent issue which I need to bring to the the dealer with..when I test drove it I thought it would be minor...but now after driving it for 50 miles from last night....its just annoying. It has happening in various places...any suggestions on where most ppl hear the creaking noise - I can't pinpoint it. 3. Satellite radio - I had XM on my previous vehicle, I noticed small black box on my windshield..does that mean I can get Sat radio? 4. Programming my garage door opener...any tips? 5. Where can I buy a cheap manuals from and a 2nd FOB, outside of ebay. 6. Engine ticking noise - sounds like valve knock...thought it maybe octane fuel...filled tank with 93 octane, but still there....hear it either at idle, or in drive. Sorry for the all the questions..my vehicle did not come with any manuals, etc. Thanks for you your assistance!
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