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  1. Is looking for someone selling 06 GS300 replacement keys

  2. I just purchased a 400h identical to what you're explaining. However ours has 32K miles and also is certified qith the 100,000 mile warranty from Lexus. We also bought ours from the Lexus dealership and we only paid $26,500. So I believe you have yours listed a little high, especially in the economy status we are all currently in. Thanks, BarryT In the Garage: 06 Lexus RX400h (White) 04 Lexus GX470 (White)
  3. Thanks everyone.. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something... Thanks, BarryT _______________ In the Garage: 04' Lexus GX 470 (White) 06' Lexus RX400h (White)
  4. I currently have a 04' GX470 and recently purchased an 06' RX400h as well. Does anyone know if the RX400h has the option like the GX470's do that allow you to see how many miles you have left on a tank of gas? I went through the options in the manual but haven't seen anything. I automatically assume that it would but I'm still new to this model and I'm not sure. Thanks, BarryT _______________ In the Garage: 04' Lexus GX 470 (White) 06' Lexus RX400h (White)
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