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  1. Do you have any rubbing issues with the wheels? What size wheels are they? Coilovers or springs? How many inches is the drop?
  2. one ever used spacers on their wheels or lowered their Lexus and had rubbing issues? I see many members photos of their GS slammed to the ground, if any of you guys reading this, what did you have to do to prevent rubbing?
  3. Hi i have a 1998 GS300 and I lowered my car with coilovers. I lowered the front more than the back, car looks great and handels well, BUT I have had some rubbing issues on the 2 front tires. It is rubbing on the top inner part of tread about 1 inch in from the edge wall of the tire, at speeds over 35mph or when hitting bumps. It is rubbing on the upper suspension arm/the steering knuckle area. The 2 front tires are shot. I would like to keep it lowered and was thinking of adding 1 inch(25mm) spacers for the front tires (245/45/19) to clear the steering knuckle. and 35mm spacers in rear.
  4. I spoke too soon. After adding Freon the lights on the control module now flashes (from insideair to Outside air) indicating their is an error logged in the system. And the compressor starts and stops along with the lights flashing. I think i over charged it. Or the system failed, any ideas?
  5. Well guys I checked the pressure on the Low side and discovered it needed more Freon. Went to my local store and got me some Freon and added some while being careful not to over fill it, and WOW it's cold again. I guess I have a small leak somewhere. As for the problem with it switching by itself from head to floor air's intermittent and I won't worry about it for now. And yes I do hear a rattling sound from behind the dash before it starts to switch. When I find the leak I will post a reply. Thanks.
  6. Hi I have a 1998 gs300 with 134k miles on it. My A/C NOT BLOWING COLD AS IT SHOULD on hot days. I had my A/C serviced a few times for the same problem, works good for a while then back to same problem. Also the A/C controls (floor/window/etc) acts up, doesn't switch when you want it to. Dont know if this is related or not. Anyone know what the problem is??
  7. Hi I have a 1998 GS300. I want to replace strut Assy, front and rear. Does anyone have step by step directions? I need to know what bolts to pull, etc. Picture, manuals, anything. Thanks.
  8. Many thanks. Can I have a copy of that too?
  9. Hi i have a 1998 GS300, I am looking to upgrade the factory stereo. I have the basic stereo, no DVD, no Namaichi. I want to replace just the stereo head unit and use the factory speakers & tweeters. I understand i need to bypass the factory amp,etc. I have a few questions... Did anyone upgrade their factory stereo? If so, can you share your experience with us? Did you run into any problems,etc. ? How does it sound?
  10. Think that's bad, the service Department at Lexus Of Orlando in Florida are a bunch of IDIOTS, years of money spent on misdiagnosed problems that turned out to be simple fixes. These guys cannot troubleshoot and repair nothing properly. They are only good for doing oil changes.
  11. I just got some Tein CS coilovers, it's comfortable, car handels good, still a quiet ride.
  12. Front drivers side speed sensor needs replacing, That's my .02 cents I agree I had 1989 Maxima, and the speed sensor that plugs into the transmission was bad/or unplugged.
  13. None factory HID. Thank You Guys, Thank You IntakerGS, that link you listed took me to the exact information I needed. I will fix it. This forum is really a great source of usefull information. Headlamp_Adjustment_1998_thru_20011.pdf
  14. Hi, I just lowered my 1998 GS300, with the front being lower than the back, and now the head light beam points downwards towards the street. Does any one know which screws on head light assembley to turn and how to point the beam upwards so that it points straight?
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