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  1. My CD changer on 96 LS has been working fine until yesterdary when I took the CD cartridge out to replace the CDs and when I placed it back it just makes grinding/clicking noise and does not work any more and would not eject either. I guess maybe CD or CDs are somehow jamming the mechanism inside. Any idea how to get the CD cartridge out anyone?
  2. I have 96 LS on which no matter what the setting in Auto or manual the heater/ventilatin fan motor would not go beyond low setting - it will not go to higher mode to blow more air, any ideas what could be the reason? Thanks.
  3. Thank you everyone for your reply. So it appears that I would have to replace it. Any hints on easy way to take the panels out to get to the seatbelt assembly?
  4. I have 96 LS on which the seat belt is pulled out all the way and will not retract which is a safe hazard as it will not do much to work as a proper seat belt in an event of collision. I have tried many ways to try to have the belt retract but it won't. Does anyone have any issue like this? Seems like Lexus should cover the repair/fix of this issue... Any ideas? Thanks..
  5. I have 96 LS which occasionally has problem with being stuck in its lowest position as you've described. Few weeks ago I replaced battery as old one was getting quite weak and since then my auto tilt feature has been working well. Before you try disassembling the assembly why not try disconnecting the battery as it appears it resets the auto tilt feature ?
  6. Thanks Billydpowell, I will try it this weekend.
  7. Thanks Billydpowell and VBdenny for your response.. The one I am trying to replace is the amber side marker light below the clear one. Sorry for not being very specific... Again, I don't want to break anything and make the situation worse than it is. :) :D
  8. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to replace the front side marker light for 96 ls 400? I tried to do it by removing one phillip screw that was on it but it seems not wanting to come out and I don't want to force it and possibly break it. What is the proper procedure for removing it? Thanks...
  9. Thanks for your advices billydpowell and 1990LS400. I was hoping for a easy solution such as pulling a fuse but I guess it is more extensive. Thank you guys!!
  10. Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to disable/turn off the auto tilt feature which tilts up when you remove the key from ignition and tilts down when you insert the key into ignition on 96 LS400? Mine works most of time but sometimes it get stuck in the down position because of inconsistent syncronization of this feature working all the time. After few days it starts to work properly again for a while but I would like to just set it at one setting and disable the auto feature so it will not get stuck again... Thank you.