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  1. Hello,I have a 95 sc400 with a nakamichi amp located in the trunck,is yours the same? Thanks
  2. Do you have the nakamichi amp?
  3. Hey dc,do you know if there is a connector for the amp under the rear seat on the driver side? Thanks Lou
  4. I to have the same problem with my 95 sc400.Still looking into it.When I find the fix I`ll post it. Lou
  5. Hello out there,I have another issue with my sc400 speedo.When I step on the gas and feel like I`m doing lets say 50mph,the speedometer is at 20mph.Anyone have this problem?and if you do,how to troubleshoot to find out what needs to be replaced? Thanks Lou
  6. Thanks,I`ve been trying to get enough info on this amp.Is it true that it`s under the cd changer in the trunk? Again I thank you for your info. Lou
  7. Hello out there.I`m new here and happy to join the lexus family.My name is Lou and I am close in buying a 1995 sc400 with some minor issues.Being that I never owned one before I need some help and info on these issues.Thanks guys,here I go.First the owner is telling me that the radio needs an amp.Is the amp inside the radio or somewhere else? Second the power tilt is faulty.Can anyone tell me the prcedures on checking if the motors are bad or if I can just replace one of the gears?When I test drove the car,I noticed that the tilt only worked down a little with a grinding noise,then when I tried to go up it went up but now is stuck in the up position.So any info on these issues again is appreciated. Thanks Lou