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  1. In case anyone happens to stumble across this looking for possible solutions to a problem like I had, I have finally figured out what was the cause. The lower coil that feeds the D/S cap and rotor had died. It had a crack in it almost wide enough to put a piece of paper in. Thanks to that, the plugs fouled and burnt. The oil got contaminated with gas and had to be changed. And the alternator and battery were weak and in need of replacement. A number of hundreds of dollars later, she is up and running like a champ. Thanks for the help!
  2. status undetermined

  3. What is local? Where are you and these parts located? Do you test any electrical parts or give them a money back guarantee? I need: 1 - working Pioneer head unit 2 - temp controller with working display - the display in mine is going out, but the unit tiself works fine 3 - working fcty sub for rear deck 4 - working power antenna I am on the north side of Houston, Tx.
  4. Poylurethane is a material Prothane is a brand name Regardless of where you buy new bushings, if you get the poly style make sure they are properly lubed with a lithium based grease upon installation or they will squeak like there is no tomorrow. HTH Z
  5. At least a novice to the Lexus....I now have a problem with our 93 SC400. It has begun the low idle and no power issue. I did some reading on older posts here and there were some good solutions. 1 - IAC valve, mine is clean, no effect that I can determine 2 - MAF meter, a possibility but no effect if unplugged? 3 - ????? There is also a strange reaction that is going on with this - the tachometer will drop to 0 when the pedal is depressed and the engine stumbles at the same time. I'm thinking it may have dropped an engine sensor. Cam or crank or maybe the TPS? Anyone have any symptoms like this? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hey there, Glad to know a dash kit is finally available. The link to the wiring adaptor isn't comin up tho. Could you please correct that? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I actually just bought one from from the Radiator Hotline that is all metal (copper core I'm sure) with a lifetime warranty for $200 shipped overnight to my door. Didn't sound like too bad of a deal since I couldn't find one in all alum construction. All metal to me is better than alum/plastic. Going to install this weekend. Wish me luck!
  8. The radiator in our SC400 just blew out on the upper tank. I'm guessing from old age. Does anyone know where I can get an all aluminum replacement? I would prefer that over a copper core or plastic tank unit. Any all help advice is appreciated.
  9. Well, as the traffic on here isn't as good as I would hope, I broke down and bought a new one. I got it from another dealer so I didn't pay over $300 for it. But it is new. No fear of a used part that isn't any good coming in the mail. Thanks for looking!
  10. 1993 or whatever year is the same. I would prefer NOS, but would be willing to purchase a used one in good condition with no cracks. Mileage verification would be preferred. My local stealership wants over $300 for it with the cap and new sensor ;) It doesn't sound too bad, but I'm hoping for a little better price. Feel free to email me - Zeus87GN Thanks, Patrick
  11. It could be any number of things. Pull off the wheels and take a look. Look closely at the back wheels. The parking brake may be out of adjustment. You may have a retaining clip that has come loose and it only allows slop in reverse. Your pads may be worn just right (or wrong) to make the sound. Your system may be in need of a good bleeding/flushing due to old fluid. Now I know my 92 has an issue where is squeaks on the front at certain times due to the fact that the front control arm bushings are worn. The torque of the engine and certain movements in the right direction has made my wife think it's the brakes squeaking, but it's actually the suspension.
  12. Forgive me for the crazy response but I just have to ask - Is it not fast enough?? Our 93 in stock form, with a tick in the valvetrain, has more than enough power to do anything we ask. From what info I have read, there isn't much in the form of upgrades that can be done other than turbocharging. I own a Turbo Buick and it has more power than most can handle...and it's basically stock. I rarely go WOT because I don't see the need. On top of that, it isn't running very well. I personally don't see any need to do any upgrades to the SC. Lexus built it as good as they could right from the start. 225Hp ain't too shabby! That being said, a torque converter with a higher stahl will appear to give you more power as it allows the engine to rev up and reach it's power band faster. Probably the best bang for the buck.
  13. Yea, that came from the Buick Board. I thought it was truly fitting. We have a GM place here in town that fits that description more than I care to describe.
  14. Thanks for the input. I'll have to check that out as well.
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