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  1. Hi.. can anyone help me on how to replace the bulbs for interior lights? i like the led lights in my ES, i want to replace the standard bulbs with LED lights in my new GX 460. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Guys, Can anyone tell me alternative to dealship for oil change? or its going to cost the same even if i take it to walmart? i ams cheduling for my 10K and dang $165 is ahuge amount for oil change, no alternatives?
  3. Has anyone isntalled a custom grill on es350?, i saw some but the lexus logo is not appearing ont he grill, i like to keep that and install a custom grill is it possible?
  4. I recently upgrade the os on my iphone to 3.0 since then, when a call is coming thru it shows on the es 350 screen its private but i can see the number on my phone, any clue why? or how i can fix it?
  5. This is not for lexus, my wife drives a pilot and the leather seats are all cracked and sort of brittle, is there a leather conditioner or something we can apply or do a treatment, where the leather seats will come back to soft glory?
  6. thank you, i hope i can find it at shucks or autozone
  7. HI there, just minor scratches from backpacks dragging out of the garrage (kids walk between both our cars and tends to do a surface scratch), they are round and not swirls, you can't feel them when i run my fingers over them. But can see them from an angle
  8. Hello, Can anyone suggest the best way to remove surface scratches or should i say product and where can i buy it?, i am a novoice when it comes to detailing all i want is to have a shiny car :-), i have a 09 silver es350
  9. just want to update on this, the dealer is fixing it by sending to body shop and getting it repainted.:-), i just gave another try when i went for my 5000 mile service, and the service manager was enough to look and realize its a paint issue.
  10. I have clear bra on my headlights and its fine, but i ahd my car only for 3 months or so. We live in seattle which gets pretty cold and always rainy. I was told not to put it on fog lights as they get pretty hot and can melt it.
  11. I am 31, and i drive 09 es350 for almost 3 months now and love it. :D
  12. i think its a very nice deal. 22K and 16K miles....very nice can't beat it.
  13. sorry here it is: I don't know, whom to blame i am just pinced that its brand new car and i hope the paint would withstand min abuse
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